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Nepheris ([personal profile] nepheris) wrote on January 1st, 2020 at 12:00 pm
BaCC Overview Post


Skins: Leh's Skintones (Default & Genetized)
Eyes: Pithy's edits of Kinemortophobia's edits of Sarha's Eyes (Default & Genetized)
P.T. Replacements: My Own
Ideal Plantsim Replacement:  xbeccyx
Servo Default Replacement: Pinketamine @ GoS
Bigfoot Default Replacement: RealSurge
CAS Faces: Terrakosmos


Maxis Match Hairs
Default Baby Hairs (Warning: 18+ site)


Default Database

UKpoppyberry @ CC4Sims

Dustfinger @ MTS
Migamoo @ MTS
Cloudlessnights @ MTS
Fanseelamb @ MTS
Fakepeeps7 @ MTS
W @ MTS (or LJ)
ALovingDiva @ MTS
JavaBean_Dreams @ MTS
Sentate @ MTS
Primrose @ MTS
Rosahege @ MTS
BunnyLita @ MTS
Tamo @ MTS
Taniia @ MTS

An_nas @ LJ
Aquilegia @ LJ
Aweeshie @ LJ
SixAMSims @ LJ
NilouBlue @ LJ
Ja_Viera @ LJ
Yuxi @ LJ
MorkMork @ LJ
Kaputt_Geliebt @ LJ
Java_Creations@ LJ
FantasyRogue @ LJ
TomWood1906 @ LJ
xBeccyx @ LJ

ShinaSims @ Blogspot

Nichellerj @ WordPress

Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Objects Database

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