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Nepheris ([personal profile] nepheris) wrote on January 12th, 2012 at 07:10 pm
Legacy Plans
 I'm going to take a break from the BaCC for a little bit, as work is quite stressful at the moment and I'm coming home exhausted pretty much every night. I think my updates have been suffering because of it, and I'd rather put it aside for a while until I have enough energy to give it the sort of updates it deserves.
I'm not feeling much like doing the (rather boring and repetitive) posing for my Megahood Makeovers either, or building for Angler's Cove (lot shrinking headaches!), so I've decided to finally get on with that Legacy that I've been thinking about starting for quite a while now. It'll be nice to just play for a while and concentrate on a single family.

As I simply can't bring myself to play a legacy in an empty hood, I've quickly put together a neighbourhood for it to take place in, based on my Maple Lake neighbourhood terrain. I plopped various of Twoflower's lots in it, and gave it the fabulously original name of Twoflower Lake. It has a spring/fall/winter/winter rotation, and is supposed to be a rustic and pine-filled place up north somewhere. I'm currently in the process of making some townies for it (fun!) and figuring out who should be my founder.
I read about a particular legacy ruleset I wanted to follow a while back, but I seem to have lost my link to it. It had different challenges for every generation, the first was farming I believe, and the second business or something similar. If anyone could point me towards that post, I'd be very grateful :)

Now enough babbling, and on with the picspam!

The lot in the back is where the legacy will take place :)

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