22 January 2012 @ 11:56 am
A Slightly Tipsy Legacy 1.3  
Married life seems to suit Jenever and Sören. Jen doesn't have a TV or other contemporary entertainment, but she does have a truckload of books that she brought along, and they spend most of their evenings reading together. Sören on the sofa, and Jenever in her comfy rocking chair.

Not that Jenever lets her pregnancy get in the way of her work on the farm. Babybulge or not, those trees aren't going to tend themselves.

Sören occupies himself with trying to teach his dogs some tricks. They're both bright (Leffe being a genius and Duvel of average intellect), but they both seem to prefer playing around over trying to figure out what their handler is trying to make them do.

At least spending all this time with them has given Sören enough relationship with both to have them try for puppies.

Ching ching-a-ling ching ching!

That's one optional goal for Generation One fulfilled, and it will make tending the garden a lot easier on Jenever while she's pregnant.

Sören likes to make sure that his wife gets enough rest and relaxation as well.

Jenever: "I've still got half of my tomato plants to harvest! I can take a break afterwards."

Sören: "I just want you to be careful. You work too hard. We wouldn't want anything to happen to the baby, would we?"
Jenever: "I still don't get why you won't let me use pesticides anymore."
Sören: "I'm not desperate for a plantbaby, if it's all the same to you."
Jenever: "Are you kidding? They'd be amazing with the farm! Where did you put that stuff?"

Bad Jenever. No experimenting on your unborn child.

Jenever: "Söreeeennnn! Why did I let you do this to meeeeeeeee!"

All murderous feelings towards her husband completely disappear once Jen laid eyes on her firstborn, of course. (And it did help that Sören actually got up to cheer for the proceedings, unlike most Sim husbands, who usually find something else to do while their wife gives birth.)

The first potential Tipsy heir is a baby boy, named Vodka by his proud parents. Vodka is a Slavic word which means 'little water', and is a strong spirit that is distilled from starch and sugar rich plants such as grain and potatoes. Although it was rarely consumed outside of Europe until the 1950's, it's now the world's most popular spirit.

Sören was immediately enamored with the little bundle and wouldn't stop fussing over him. I've got a feeling little Vodka is going to be a daddy's boy.

Vodka hasn't been the only addition to the household, however. With the money of Jenever's first harvest, she bought a cow and two pigs. She and Sören aren't vegetarians after all, and what's a farm without some animals to populate it and line its pantry?

With Jenever being firmly in charge of all the plantlife on the farm, Sören gets to take care of the animals. Which means getting up at ridiculous o'clock just like his wife, in order to milk the cow and fill the feeding troughs.

He's also responsible for fixing all the mechanical problems that crop up around the house.

Sören: "Stupid fracking showeBLARGHBLBLHRHGHBLBLRHBLRHG"

Thanks to the loving care of his parents, Vodka has been growing like one of Jenever's prize cucumbers. He's about the size of one, too. Time for a toddler birthday party!

Jenever: "I'm so excited. Really, I am."

Sören: "Isn't he just perfect? Look, he's got my nose!"
Jenever: "That's great, honey. Just remembered I haven't watered the eggplants yet today, back in a bit."

If it isn't sprouting leaves, apparently it's not top priority to Jenever.

A look at Vodka's personality shows that he's rather sloppy and grouchy, but extremely outgoing, active and playful. Sounds like he's going to be a handful in his Terrible Toddler years.

Jenever: "We've got another one on the way."
Sören: "Another what?"
Jenever: "Another kid, if I'm any judge. Been worshipping at the porcelain altar a lot again lately."
Sören: "You're... you're pregnant again? Already?"
Jenever: "Hey, don't look at me all surprised. It's not like you didn't have anything to do with this..."