19 September 2011 @ 09:47 am
 I've had some CC problems cropping up in my game recently, and as I'm rather unwilling to do the 50/50 test with my 3GB downloads folder, I'm taking the opportunity to put together a new one. 

I keep being amazed at how much you can do with default replacements. I've sorted out the default clothes for all genders and ages (defaulters out there: the males need some more love! Maybe I should try to give it a go myself sometime.) and now when I scroll through a pure maxis wardrobe, instead of being filled with terror at the horrible (mostly older; the new expansions haven't been too bad) clothes, I am overjoyed to see a nicely pared down wardrobe with options I can all use. (Except for a couple of male items, as I said before). 

It'll take a while (the defaults only took me the better part of the day), but I should be up and running (and posting) again soon enough.

(Also do you like my parentheses? There are so many of them.)

(Happy Simming!)