27 March 2011 @ 11:46 am
Strangely Pleasant: Pleasantview (Round 2.2)  
Take note carefully of this picture of the Burb's remodelled house, as there's a clue in there of events to come.

Curiosity piqued?

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25 March 2011 @ 09:56 am
Strangely Pleasant: Strangetown (Round 1.2)  
All in step for the Grunt Family!

I don't know but I've been told
I don't know but I've been told

That Tank Grunt has a heart of gold
That Tank Grunt has a heart of gold

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24 March 2011 @ 11:18 am
Strangely Pleasant: Strangetown (Round 1.1)  
I love Strangetown, but I've never played it as much as Pleasantview. I've got a general idea of what the sims in here are all about (and I've got their bios to help me figure it out as well), but I did notice while playing that I'm much more still trying to figure out what to do with a lot of sims, while in Pleasantview sims are immediately 'in character' to me. If that makes any sense at all.

Probably not.

Anyways! Kicking off this round for Strangetown is the Specter household, where an unassuming repairperson is reporting for duty.

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23 March 2011 @ 10:16 am
Strangely Pleasant: Pleasantview (Round 1.2)  
I managed to finally get a rather annoying default replacement conflict out of my game, which was a result of re-downloading things and then putting back in bits of my old download folder. The download folder is quite slick now, I think, if rather more full than I originally intended.

Anyways! First up in this Pleasantview update is the Dreamer family.

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22 March 2011 @ 05:56 pm
Strangely Pleasant: Pleasantview (Round 1.1)  
Soooo yeah. I have this annoying habit of totally making my mind up about something, and then changing it the next day. It happens. I played around in the Megahood a little, but got rather overwhelmed by all those families. It's lovely to play, and really gives you a sense of community and interconnection between sims, but boy does it take ages to get through a single round!

Then I remembered I had a file laying around of the Pleasantview-Strangetown merged hood that <lj user="meetme2theriver"> made for me (thanks again for that!). It hadn't been played, aside from doing a make-over for all the sims in it. (You can see the make-overs at the 'hood party here.) I put it in my game, started playing, and I'm totally loving it.

It's entirely possible that I'll switch back to the Megahood at some point. Who knows? For now though, I hope you enjoy this update of Strangely Pleasant as much as I did playing it :)

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29 November 2010 @ 03:21 pm
Round 1: University  
O hai! Contrary to what many of you possibly think, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or given up on the Megahood. I've had a horrible couple of months though, and playing TS2 hasn't been on the priority list.

I'm intending to take it slow from now on, updates will definitely not be as frequent as they have been. I don't even know when/if I'll be able to play, so bear with me. If you don't hear from me for another few months after this posts, it's just life getting in the way.

Anywhoozles! The absolutely lastest final update of Round 1, namely the few households that survived university during The Culling. It's mostly picspam because I'm actually ill at home at the moment and feeling too woozy to write proper captions. Sorry about that!

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19 August 2010 @ 02:55 pm
SWTWC: Outtakes  
I've got a couple of pictures that I really love but didnt' fit in the story anywhere, or where sims were goofing off when I was trying to set up a serious scene.

And because I'm a sharing kind of person, I'll foist them on you all :p

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19 August 2010 @ 12:53 pm
Round 1: Aftermath  
I made some reference pictures for myself as to who lives where after the culling has taken place. Mainly to finally remember everyone's names (especially the children, I had to dive into the game several times while doing Round 1 just to find out what I had named them again). The couple of families that made it through university will be added in as I play the subhoods, so they're not actually on the maps yet. None of the children that have been taken away during the culling have been added into the households yet, either. 

All sims that started out Round 1 as teens have moved to college, with the exception of Alexander Goth, who also went even though he started Round 1 as a child. I fiddled with his age to make him closer to Cassandra's. All non-playable teens (townies, npc's) have moved to college as well, where they are now dormies.

° Indicates children
* Indicates pets

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19 August 2010 @ 12:13 pm
Something Wicked This Way Comes - Part 2  
A little note. For those that are sticklers for verisimilitude: just pretend for this chapter that Mortimer and any others that enter his lab are wearing hazard suits. I really didn't feel like trawling through downloads to find one just for this small intermezzo, and using costumes available in the game only turned out looking ridiculous. I can bend the function of objects quite far, but Mortimer hunting for zombies in a deepsea diver suit just doesn't work.

That said, get ready for Part 2.

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18 August 2010 @ 06:16 pm
Something Wicked This Way Comes - Part 1  
Well, here it is. The story of the events that led to the decimation of Megahood's population. It's not going to be very long, just a two-parter. Apologies for the unoriginal title, but I couldn't really think of something more creative.

A warning: if you're easily squicked out by descriptions, this story might not be for you. It's vaguely horror-like and has some disturbing concepts, though not overly so. I find it difficult to gauge how sensitive people are to some things, and you might all just snort and go 'was that it?' but rather safe than sorry as they say :) There's no visually disturbing content though, and there's some silliness in there as well :)

Feedback and criticism is always welcomed, but be gentle, it's my first time ^^

The rest of the Megahood updates are probably not going to be in story-format, as I find this very draining and it takes a lot longer than just slapping some comments under pictures. Respect to those writers out there that manage to churn out entire chapters of quality work. I couldn't do it, so I'm not going to try :)

Enough babbling, and on with the motley.

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