18 January 2012 @ 08:44 pm
A Slightly Tipsy Legacy 1.1  
 The weather is harsh in the small village of Twoflower Lake, with snow covering it for almost 6 months out of the year. The soil is hard and rocky at best, and everything from the icy winds that howl through the forests to the late frosts that nip young seedlings in the bud doesn't so much point towards unsuitable farming circumstances as bash you over the head with a flashing neon sign. 


A one-room-houses-all cabin, plenty of seeds and high spirits are all Miss Jenever Tipsy has been allotted to start her very own legacy with.

Still, if there's anything Jenever possesses in spades, it's determination. She's set on becoming a farmer if she has to build the whole place from the ground up - which is pretty much what she'll have to do.
With her cabin built, her next task is digging out a vegetable garden and making it suitable to plant the seeds of her new life.


Cute redhead paperboy: "I'm sure this house wasn't here yesterday..."

The first sim to visit Jenever's new home (after the paperboy, that is) is the head of the local Garden Club. One of the optional challenges for Jen is to marry a gardener or a sim with Nature as their One True Hobby. Maybe this handsome fellow could count towards it as well?

Jen makes it clear early on that she'd like to keep things strictly business between them, though. 


Not bad for a start! The Garden Club Inspection Team deemed Jenever's plot of land worthy of a membership. Jen will be able to buy seeds and compost at a discount now, which will come in handy as she is as poor as the dirt she works with.


Celebratory sandwich. Nom nom.

Mr. Humble is banned from every neighbourhood I play, but the Gypsy still shows up regular as clockwork. What the hell, Jen has a couple of simoleons left and a hole in her life to fill. Let's give Madame Zorah a whirl.

Jenever: "...and he has to be strong, and kind, and able to help out on the farm, and it'd be great if he would be good at repairing things too, because I suck at that. Oh and a cute tush is a definite bonus."

Madame Zorah: "You want all that for some pocket change?!"

Madame Zorah: "You get what you pay for, kid. And I have a strict no-money-back policy, so don't come complaining."
Jenever: "Everyone knows you can't buy love!"
Madame Zorah: "Hey, it puts food on my table and funds my bizarre pathological need to give random strangers magic lamps. Now buck up, here's your Prince Charming."

Random townie: "What the.. where am I?"

The bargain blind date prompty ran off to chat with another girl who was passing by without giving Jenever as much as a glance. Boo!

He didn't seem that nice on closer inspection though. 

And then he dared complain about how lame the date was. Your loss mister, no place in this legacy for you!

Jen was worked up about her botched date for about 30 seconds, then promptly got over it and introduced herself to another passer-by who seemed curious about her vegetable plot.


They got along pretty well, and Jen even managed to fulfill her wish to talk about the Nature hobby with someone. Anyone who's willing to listen to her chatter on about her farming plans is a-okay in Jen's book, so she asked him out on a date.

He proved much more fun than the previous one. Jenever rolled mostly innocent wants like talking, entertaining and playing around. Townie Sören seemed a bit more amorous, wanting to go in for some hugs and flirting, but Jen's an old-fashioned kind of girl and doesn't move quite that fast. 

He did get a hug when they said goodbye, though :)

Bedtime for Jenever, and not a bad first day to look back on. I love her big cozy jammies. Hopefully they'll keep her warm as her cabin hasn't got central heating, and gets quite chilly at night.

Ahh, the farmer's life. Getting out of bed at sunrise to tend the crops, no matter how cold, windy and wet it is outside. 


She might be getting better at the whole gardening thing, but catching fish is still problematic. 

Jen invited Sören over for dinner a few days and a couple of telephone chats later. She's not much of a cook, and cuts her fingers more often than she does the ingredients, but it's the thought that counts I guess.

Sören: "It sure was nice of you to invite me over for dinner, Miss Tipsy."
Jenever: "Just call me Jen. I err, hope you like your spaghetti... well done."
Sören: "It looks delicious!"

A gentleman and a good liar? He's a keeper.

Unfortunately, dinner brought to light Jenever's rather un-ladylike eating habits.

Jenever: *SNARFL*

Jenever: "Hey Sören! INCOMING!"

Sören: "Hah! Nice shot!"

Jenever: "He's cute, funny, doesn't mind my tablemanners... AND he has a nice tush. What am I waiting for here, exactly?"

When Jen moves, she moves fast, and the evening concluded with the brand-new lovebirds getting better acquainted on the sofa. 

Sören Ahlquist


Sören is a family sim, just like Jenever, and his Lifetime Want is to raise 10 puppies or kittens. I've never ever fulfilled that LTW, but it sort of fits the farming theme, so I'm going with it. Welcome to the legacy, Sören!