01 May 2011 @ 11:09 am
BaCC Week 2: The Lovelace Family  
Since Lily got married to Felix, Rose and Violet have made do on their own. They're really happy for her of course, but life was a lot... easier with Lily around. She gave them direction, even if they got annoyed at her bossing them around sometimes.
At least the town isn't as lonely and remote anymore as it once was. They're not sure how Felix managed it, but they're actually getting tourists walking around town. A particular brand of tourist, the more adventurous type, who seem fascinated by the idea of starting out life in the sticks without any amenities. The other day Rose had to chase off a gang of spotty teenage geeks trying to peek through the bathroom window while Violet was having a bath. They claimed they were just doing research for their roleplaying campaign, or something. At any rate, it's nice to see some new people around the place.

The first spotting of a townie! I created a batch of them with the townie gun, then gave them all makeovers, which is why Parker here sports such an impressive beard.

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26 April 2011 @ 03:47 pm
BaCC: The Lovelace Family  
I might possibly have forgotten one teensy tiny unimportant thing about one of the Lovelace sisters. More specifically, Lily Lovelace.

Following Felix wasn't the only motivation she had for leaving behind everything she knew, as she's been going through some 'changes' herself. She was initiated into the craft by old Mrs. Perkins back at home, without the knowledge of her sisters. One evening, Mrs. Perkins told her she'd had a premonition about a hairy young man setting out to found a town of his own, and that Lily would go with him. She instructed her that as a good witch, it would be her duty to watch over the community and see that it came to no harm.

Normally witches aren't supposed to advertise, but one of the things Lily - star pupil in many other fields - has always had trouble grasping is the art of subtlety.

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