07 May 2011 @ 11:47 am
BaCC Week 3: The Other Babbling Family  
Nate and Anna have moved out into a house of their own. There just wasn't enough space in the old house, what with Ivy and Rose moving in with Teddy.
Teddy has been a bit anxious about Nate moving out, but Nate pointed out that he is the older brother around here. He can take care of himself just fine. It's not because he's differently alive that he's the equivalent of a child that needs looking after. Maybe it was like that the first months after he came back from the dead, but he feels a lot more like his old self nowadays.

Besides, having his own house means more privacy for some hot robot smooching.

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05 May 2011 @ 10:44 am
BaCC Week 3: The Babbling & Greengrass Family  
Another joint update today, as the events in these families affected eachother. I've been experimenting with playing the rota in half-weeks, to see if it works for me. Playing-wise it's great, but it does give for some muddled updates :)

Starting off this update is Rose Lovelace, who has something to tell Teddy Babbling.

Rose: "Uh, Teddy? Meet your daughter..."

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02 May 2011 @ 10:58 am
BaCC Week 3: The Fenwick Family  
Work on naming the BaCC continues, and I've narrowed it down to *Something* Hollow. Any suggestions?

Autumn has arrived for the little settlement, and preparations for winter are in full swing. There's foodstores to be stocked, walls and roofs to be insulated, and work has started on protecting the new generator and water purifyer from the frosts. Felix has his hands full trying to organise all this activity; making sure Rose is still up for her duties as a mechanic, what with the baby, helping Myra with dividing her produce fairly over the households, explaining to Arthur that he has to stop arresting all the new visitors to the town (even though said visitors think it's a hoot and have a great time playing along with it) and keeping Davin out of everybody's hair.

Oh, and he has his own growing family to take care of as well.

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