26 April 2011 @ 03:47 pm
BaCC: The Lovelace Family  
I might possibly have forgotten one teensy tiny unimportant thing about one of the Lovelace sisters. More specifically, Lily Lovelace.

Following Felix wasn't the only motivation she had for leaving behind everything she knew, as she's been going through some 'changes' herself. She was initiated into the craft by old Mrs. Perkins back at home, without the knowledge of her sisters. One evening, Mrs. Perkins told her she'd had a premonition about a hairy young man setting out to found a town of his own, and that Lily would go with him. She instructed her that as a good witch, it would be her duty to watch over the community and see that it came to no harm.

Normally witches aren't supposed to advertise, but one of the things Lily - star pupil in many other fields - has always had trouble grasping is the art of subtlety.

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25 April 2011 @ 09:04 am
BaCC: The Babbling Family  
Waking up to their first day in the new town are the Babbling Brothers, Nate and Teddy. They sorta kinda mostly owe their life to Felix' expedition, as they were trying to evade an angry mob holding pitchforks and torches back then. Teddy in particular is keen to help their new benefactor, and thinks his skills as an inventor will be a big bonus to the new town.
He hasn't really thought about what Nate could fill his days with. Back at home, he kept him hidden in the basement for fear of what the neighbours might have thought, but he's gradually come to realise that Nate is a lot more self-aware than your regular zombie. When alive, Nate had aspirations to become a great businessman and develop his own emporium. So Teddy has decided he'll let Nate play shop with some of his inventions, to keep him happy.

They get a lamp because Teddy's an inventor, and made that one while travelling to their destination.

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24 April 2011 @ 10:17 am
BaCC: The Greengrass Family  
Davin and Myra aren't overly happy with Felix' decision to build their community in the forest meadow he chose. The ground in the open fields would be much better for growing fruit and vegetables. Still, they do understand the importance of sticking together in the early days of their expedition, and are employing the strategy of put up and shut up, for now.
Myra has been having a go at establishing the fruit trees she brought along, and sowing some seeds, but the plants aren't doing too well without fertiliser or insect spray. This kind of thing always seemed a lot easier back at her gardening course, where plenty of well-mulched and fertilised ground was available. She's giving it her best shot though, as the entire community will depend on her for food as soon as the stock they brought along runs out.

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