07 April 2011 @ 11:15 am
Map of SimNation  
A little something I worked on in between all the other stuff I've got going on. I'm still trying to puzzle out how all the Maxis hoods would fit together in the Megahood (or in general), and I think this is my best try yet. The shape of the coastlines and streets is true how the neighbourhoods are in my game. Sim City is a bit small in this version, but I got sick of drawing roads. You get the idea anyway :p
The brown areas are mountain ranges, the sandy bit is, well, desert.

It's rather big, so check it out behind the cut :)
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10 August 2010 @ 11:57 am
A while ago I started up this little project purely for my own amusement. I'd always wondered if there was some larger simworld out there in which the seperate hoods were situated, rather than them being floating squares in the middle of nothing. How do you get from Pleasantview to Bluewater Village? Where is the elusive Sim City located? The Road to Nowhere might go nowhere, but where does it come from?

So I popped open SC4 and decided I'd try and figure it out. The map that was created in the process isn't based on anything except my imagination, and the 'climates' different hoods seem to have. With regards to the Megahood, I still think it's an interesting idea, even though I'm not sure anymore if the layout I created back then corresponds with how I now think about the layout of SimNation.

Here's a preview of how it looks in SC4:

Properly labelled map and slight rambling behind the cut. )