17 April 2011 @ 01:18 pm
Strangely Pleasant: Strangetown (Round 4.2)  
Wrapping up Round 4 for Strangely Pleasant with this update. Sims ADHD is kicking in quite a bit at the moment. There's so much I want to do! A BaCC with my own rules! Another go at the Megahood, making over all the houses! The thing with the female Sim I posted a while ago! (I've actually been playing that already, but I'm not sure if I'll stick with it so I'm refraining from sharing for a bit)

I suffer from Tabula Rasa quite a lot. (Whenever I play the game for any length of time, I start to get annoyed at all the little mistakes and slip-ups I made along the way and get the urge to start over with a clean slate) I enjoy it, even if it annoys me that I can never stick with anything, but it does make for mighty confusing reading, I imagine. Sorry for that, guys!

Anyways, less with the blabbing and more with the pictures. To Strangetown!

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15 April 2011 @ 02:49 pm
Strangely Pleasant: Strangetown (Round 4.1)  
Short Strangetown updates, as I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do. (Less time to play and I did want to get through this Round. It feels so untidy to leave one part of the hood unplayed.)
I've been trying to get a decent automatic-picture-edit-action going as well, so I can just churn my batches of pictures through it and have them look a bit better. I hope I haven't overdone it, but I think they look a lot better now :)

Anywhoodle, on to the update! Starting off with probably the most disturbing picture of the lot, so things can only go up from this point :P

That's Vidcund Curious, in his role of Ecological Guru, admiring the Beakers' fish collection :D

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06 April 2011 @ 04:19 pm
Strangely Pleasant: Pleasantview (Round 4.1)  
What about all them Livejournal shenanigans then, eh? It seems to be more off than on at the moment. Seeing as I'm trying to create my new, streamlined, fabulous, perfect* (a girl can dream) downloads folder, and trying to catch up with various stories/legacies, that's really quite annoying. Not that I you guys don't already know that, anyways.

Either way, moving on to Round 4 in Pleasantview. Round 4 is wintertime, and we're starting out with the Pleasant family, who are experiencing their first snow.

* This would be a download folder with only content I really love (not might use it sometime somewhere maybe probably), all maxis-match, well varied, plenty of clothing options for every agegroup, and the inevitable 120 eye-searing recolours pared down to about 6 sensible ones. I'm getting there, but have a few problems with default replacement conflicts (I think I accidentally downloaded replacements for the same file for two child tops) and I can't find the offending files for the life of me. Grumble.

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04 April 2011 @ 09:34 am
Strangely Pleasant: University (Round 4)  
I noticed that I messed up the synching with University Sims, most likely because I've been playing University first and the 'hoods after, which led to Johnny and Ophelia being played twice in a round and Tank only once. To make matters worse, The Sims that left University in Round 4 have already been merged into their future households, so that's even more confusing. Argh!

I'm going to skip Johnny and Ophelia this round, as well as Tank (who hasn't been double-played yet, but has been merged with Angela already who is technically a week behind, but I'll fix that by aging him up a bit.) I'm trying really hard not to let this continuity cockup ruin the hood for me. Nobody cares. Except for me. I can be strangely OCD when TS2 is involved :P

Anyways! Short update, as usual when University is involved. This time round I had 11 Sims to manage, which is just about as ridiculous as it sounds.

From top to bottom, that's Alexander Goth, Angela Pleasant, Beau Broke, Buck Grunt, Dirk Dreamer, Dustin Broke, Jill Smith, Lilith Pleasant, Lucy Burb, Orion Curious and Ripp Grunt. Can you say lamest grouppic ever? :P

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