19 August 2010 @ 02:55 pm
SWTWC: Outtakes  
I've got a couple of pictures that I really love but didnt' fit in the story anywhere, or where sims were goofing off when I was trying to set up a serious scene.

And because I'm a sharing kind of person, I'll foist them on you all :p

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19 August 2010 @ 12:13 pm
Something Wicked This Way Comes - Part 2  
A little note. For those that are sticklers for verisimilitude: just pretend for this chapter that Mortimer and any others that enter his lab are wearing hazard suits. I really didn't feel like trawling through downloads to find one just for this small intermezzo, and using costumes available in the game only turned out looking ridiculous. I can bend the function of objects quite far, but Mortimer hunting for zombies in a deepsea diver suit just doesn't work.

That said, get ready for Part 2.

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18 August 2010 @ 06:16 pm
Something Wicked This Way Comes - Part 1  
Well, here it is. The story of the events that led to the decimation of Megahood's population. It's not going to be very long, just a two-parter. Apologies for the unoriginal title, but I couldn't really think of something more creative.

A warning: if you're easily squicked out by descriptions, this story might not be for you. It's vaguely horror-like and has some disturbing concepts, though not overly so. I find it difficult to gauge how sensitive people are to some things, and you might all just snort and go 'was that it?' but rather safe than sorry as they say :) There's no visually disturbing content though, and there's some silliness in there as well :)

Feedback and criticism is always welcomed, but be gentle, it's my first time ^^

The rest of the Megahood updates are probably not going to be in story-format, as I find this very draining and it takes a lot longer than just slapping some comments under pictures. Respect to those writers out there that manage to churn out entire chapters of quality work. I couldn't do it, so I'm not going to try :)

Enough babbling, and on with the motley.

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13 August 2010 @ 10:14 pm
The Culling of Megahood  
Little reference to the fellow WoW geeks there :p

I'd never have thought the idea of killing off a bunch of sims would rekindle my interest in a hood, but there it is - since I started thinking about it, I've dug up the Megahood again and have been fiddling with it and planning who gets to stay, and who gets to die a horrible death.

I'll probably do a little story around it. I'm very self conscious about writing, but hey, I'll give it a go. There's so many fabulous writers out there who are an inspiration to me (and some even read my blog! I'm fiendishly pleased about that :D). It won't be very text-heavy though, just more of a storyline approach than the regular commenting I do right now.

I've already drawn up The List of sims that are going to be culled. If you'd like to know already who's going to perish and who's going to stay, jump behind the cut and find out.

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