03 June 2011 @ 01:41 pm
BaCC Week 5: The Button Family  
We've finally arrived at the new kids in town, Liam and Kate Button :) Luckily, they seemed to be able to slot right into the neighbourhood dynamic and get along with people without too many problems.
The Buttons' week flew by compared to the older, established families, as they don't have a whole lot to do just yet aside from working on their careers and making new friends.

Liam seems to be quite popular with the ladies of Riverside Hollow. Such a gentleman, and good-looking to boot! Don't forget you swore off your Romance Sim way, Rose, I can see the looks you're throwing him.

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02 June 2011 @ 01:01 pm
BaCC Week 5: Davin Greengrass  
I've been trying to catch up with all the comments since my break but... gods, there are just too many :) Just rest assured I treasure each and every comment I get, even if it's just a simple 'I liked this update!'. I know I keep saying this, but you guys are amazing and you frequently make my day :)
I've been trying to filter out the comments with questions in them and to answer them, but if yours has been accidentally overlooked, please do ask again and I'll try and answer as best as I can. I'll try and get back on updating/sorting out/reading [ profile] buildacity as quick as I can, but my real life friends have smelled my new-found freedom and are dragging me out to see the world again :D It's really great to finally have a social life again, and there's so much I want to do with my time... not enough hours in a day!

Anyways, moving on to the BaCC update ^^ Davin Greengrass, social pariah of Riverside Hollow, has had a very busy week indeed. It all started out when the new kids on the block, the Buttons, dropped by his home to say hi and introduce themselves...

Davin and Liam immediately got along very well. I think it's because they share a lot of interests, both being fortune Sims. Kate wandered off after a little bit, bored, to let the men chat on about economics or whatever it was.

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01 June 2011 @ 11:53 am
BaCC Week 5: The Other Babbling Family  
Nate and Anna have been trying to keep themselves occupied, and their minds firmly off the 'children' question. (And with one being a zombie and the other a robot, there's plenty of questions for the mind to dwell on, I'm thinking.)

They managed to secure a grant from some firm back in SimCity, which seems interested in stimulating commerce in Riverside Hollow. They're not really sure what that's all about, but together with Nate's savings and the income of their improvised cinema, they've been able to build a new house as well as the bar that Nate's been thinking of opening.

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20 May 2011 @ 12:32 pm
BaCC Week 5: The Babbling Family  
Teddy and Rose have settled into a routine by now, Teddy all wrapped up in his scientific research, while Rose has set out to learn everything there is to know in life. (Her LTW since switching to Knowledge as her aspiration has become to max out 7 skills.) They've built a completely new house on their plot of land, demolishing the old wooden shack and putting up a brick structure, with proper insulation. While not the height of luxury, it's a very comfortable home.

Despite getting on in years, Teddy and Rose are definitely the most lovey-dovey couple in the neighbourhood. I don't know whether it's Rose's Romance past, or the fact that they only have one kid to care for and thus have more time for eachother. 

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18 May 2011 @ 12:13 pm
BaCC Week 5: The Greengrass Family  
Schoolwork is finally catching up with my free time as well, so the updating schedule is probably going to be all over the place for the next few weeks. Sorry bout that, but such is life etc :) I'll probably be quite slow replying to comments and things for a while as well, so don't take it personally or anything ^^
This was a very, very busy household to play, so I only got to take pictures every now and again. Not much of a plot for this one, I'm afraid :)

Myra Greengrass and her brood + fiancé have finally managed to move to better arable land, and set to work building the farm that has come to be known as the Greengrass Homestead. Myra's family is matrilinial, meaning the husbands take on their wife's name, and she intends to leave the farm to her daughter Cordelia when the farming work becomes too heavy for her.
The farm so far consists out of a small farmhouse, a garden plot, a little orchard and a duckpond which they've stocked with fish from the river.

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16 May 2011 @ 02:02 pm
BaCC Week 5: The Picklethorpe Family  
I made an oopsy last week, and told you all that Arthur and Violet's firstborn was named Damien. This is in fact what he was going to be called before I changed my mind and decided to have Arthur and Vi name their kids after cheeses. I do love me a naming theme :D
So apologies for the confusion, but this little tot goes through life with the (perhaps slightly unfortunate) name Wensleydale, or Wensley as his parents call him.

He's also got huge ears as a toddler, I just noticed. :D

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Calling out to all those Sim makers out there! I'll be needing some more townies soon now the village is growing, and I thought it'd be nice to have some of my reader's creations walking around town. You guys are part of what keeps me going on this project, after all, and genetic variety will do the town good :) So if you have some Sims for download that you wouldn't mind to see pop up in Riverside Hollow from time to time, let me know!
15 May 2011 @ 11:47 am
BaCC Week 5: The Fenwick Family  
This week started off with a happy occasion for the Fenwicks, as Fox and Freesia got to celebrate their toddler birthdays. The Fenwicks' life is pretty uneventful nowadays, with Felix busy at work and Lily crafting pottery when she's not looking after the kids. Felix takes over the childrearing when he gets home from work so Lily gets a break as well, which means that he hasn't had a whole lot of time to get those skillpoints in that he needs to advance in the Politics career. He wouldn't have it any other way though, as he loves his kids and is more than happy to spend time with them.

The twins even got a cake! Both of them :) (Disregard Fox' smelly diaper, I sure did)

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