20 January 2012 @ 11:39 am
A Slightly Tipsy Legacy 1.2  
When Sören moved in with Jenever, so did his two dogs: Leffe and Duvel. They are both named after Belgian beers, which will be the naming theme for the Tipsy dogs. 
Leffe (pronounced Lef) was originally an Abbey beer, although it's been bought by a commercial brewery. It's brewed in many varieties such as blond, brown, ruby and tripel.
Duvel (Dou-vel, more or less) is the quintessential Belgian strong golden ale , and one of my favourites. Its name means 'devil' in some Dutch dialects, and refers to its high alcoholic content (8,5%) as well as strong flavour.

Introduction / 1.1 / 1.2

Duvel greeted his new home by knocking over the garbage can and rolling around in its filthy contents. To make a good impression on the lady of the house, I'm sure.

Sören gave him a bath first thing in the morning, to make him a bit more presentable.

Leffe was a bit miffed that she got one as well, even though it wasn't her that had been rolling around in the garbage.

Leffe, as a Border Collie, should come in handy once the farm gets some animals to herd. In theory, Duvel would make a great guarddog, but he prefers to snooze in the doghouse while Leffe goes to greet the postman. 

Meanwhile, Jenever has been struggling with a bit of a pest problem. Her plants are suffering for it, and she has to work double time to make sure she'll have a good harvest.

Somehow, she still finds the time in between all the gardening and fishing to fan the flames of romance between her and Sören. Even if it has to happen outside in between gutting some fish and fertilising the crops with fresh manure.

Sören: "Oooh, you do take my breath away."
Jenever: "Nah, that's just the pesticide. I thought I'd cough up a lung earlier."

Pesticide or not, love seems to be blossoming as readily as the apple trees.

Jenever: "You've been acting shifty all evening now. Are you going to tell me who put ants in your pants yet?"

Sören: "We-ell... I suppose you did. Well, not literally. I mean..."
Jenever: "Don't tell me the bugs infested you, too. I'm almost out of pesticide, you know."
Sören: "No! No no, not actual bugs. But maybe uhm, butterflies?"
Jenever: "Well technically, those are bugs as well. Kinda freaky too, when you look at 'em up close. They've got these weird probey rolled-up tongues that  they use to stick into..."
Sören: "... Jenever Tipsy, would you marry me?"

Jenever: "I... I don't know what to say."
Sören: "I was sort of hoping for 'yes'...?"

Jenever: "Of course I will, you big silly!"

Neither Jenever or Sören believe in long engagements, so they decided to tie the knot later that afternoon amongst the apple trees. 

I love how Sören's bowtie matches Jenever's hairclip. They colour-coördinated that all on their own! Sören's attempts at taming his unruly hair are quite amusing as well.

Sören: "I'm not crying... there's just something in my eye." *sniffle*


It's not because they didn't have any guests that Sören and Jenever couldn't have a party. They had a lovely meal after the ceremony, with fresh-caught fish as the main course...

... and wedding cake for dessert.  

Jen wasn't allowed pre-marital woohoo, but now they're married they can make up for lost time :)

With the festivities over, life goes on as usual on the farm. And that means getting up at the crack of dawn for Jenever, while Sören has a bit of a sleep-in. 

He woke up all worried where his wife had gone. Maybe he was afraid she'd come to her senses and realised her mistake?

No worries Sören, she's just out bullying the tomato plants into submission. 

While Jenever terrorises the garden plot, Sören spends time with Leffe and Duvel. They both still have a lot to learn, and he wants them on their best behaviour as well. Jenever would toss them out on their furry butts if she caught them trying to eat her tomato plants or peeing in the fishing pond.

Although it's quite possible that she'll soon have more important things on her mind...