31 January 2012 @ 02:43 pm
A Slightly Tipsy Legacy 1.4  
I'm cutting back on the commentary a bit, as I'm not really compos mentis enough to make a whole lot of sense (or try to be funny). So mostly picspam updates for now.

With Jenever busy on the farm, Sören does most of the parenting. How much harder could training a kid be than training some dogs, after all?

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With another little one on the way, the Tipsy's hut has become a bit cramped, so they've constructed an attic of sorts to serve as Vodka's baby room. Due to their limited funds, it's pretty much bare and not very cozy as of yet.

They only could afford one toddler toy as well. Luckily, Vodka is very fond of his wobbly mr. wabbit head.

Leffe and Duvel had their puppies in the middle of the night, which seems to be the preferred time for childbirth in the Tipsy household.

Leffe had three little pups, two males and a female. The pups were named after different brands of Trappist beer, beer originally brewed by monks of the Cistercienser order: Chimay, Orval and Rochefort.

Jenever smooching Orval. He's a fat little pup :)

Meet Whiskey, Jenever and Sören's first daughter! She has her mother's blonde hair and her father's grey-blue eyes, and very pale skin. (I've added Nilou's geneticized Memories skintones for some variation in skintone and appearance, and Whiskey seems to be sporting one of them)

Jenever seems a lot more enamored with her daughter than she was with her firstborn.

And thus, life on the farm goes on.

The pups have been growing as fast as Jenever's crops, and turned into adult dogs. This one is Rochefort, He of the Tiny Ears.

Orval is as fat a dog as he was a puppy. If it wasn't for the black spots, you could easily confuse him with a sheep.

Last but not least: Chimay, the most normal-looking one of the litter.

The household was getting a bit too busy, what with a toddler, a baby, and five dogs running around, so Sören had a gathering under the guise of a party, which he planned to use as an opportunity to foist some of the dogs on his unsuspecting neighbours.

Vodka had swiftly become bestest pals with Chimay, so she was chosen to continue Sören's breeding project. 7 puppies to go!

Rochefort caught the eye of Hipster Townie, who gladly ponied up some cash to take him home.

Orval found a new home with the lady who got harrassed by Jenever's blind date in the first update.

The real attraction of the party however were Vodka and his wobbly mr. wabbit head. That kid's a people magnet.


Poor Chimay D:

Looks like baby #3 is in the making!

Birthday time! Vodka and Whiskey had their birthdays on the same day, which was rather convenient.

Whiskey shares a lot of personality traits with her brother, except that she's quite serious where he is playful. She's also even less nice than he is. Ouch.

Quite the fine-looking young man, I'd say!