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Nepheris ([personal profile] nepheris) wrote on February 2nd, 2012 at 01:16 pm
A Slightly Tipsy Legacy 1.5
Autumn has come to the Tipsy farm, which means that the family will be spending most of their time indoors now instead of outside. To accomodate Jenever's ever-growing family tree, the upstairs of the house has been expanded. Jenever and Sören now have an actual bedroom, as do their sproglets.

With the bedroom corner gone, there's more space in the livingroom for indoors activities.

Yep, Jenever's got another bun in the oven. Tipsy #3 will soon be on the way.

Vodka takes after his mum in terms of table manners. :)

He spends his free time helping out his dad with the care and training of the family dogs. Chimay is still his favourite.

Vodka's little sister Whiskey is proving to be quite the mischievous little thing. She's constantly escaping from her toddler bed, playing in the toilet and generally making a mess.

Sören: "I'm daddy. Say daddy!"
Whiskey: "Dada!"

Just look at that little face :3 Whiskey is swiftly becoming my favourite, she's just too adorable.

Jenever's such a great farmer, she can max out the Nature enthousiasm in her sleep. Literally.

Baby #3 is a boy, with the same blonde hair and bluegrey eyes as his siblings. Jenever and Sören called him Rum, because he's such a sweetie. (Rum is made of sugarcane, after all)

Birthday time for Whiskey! Vodka has been looking forward to having another child to play with, so he's quite excited.

Whiskey grew up well, and to celebrate the family all joined in a game of Don't Wake the Llama.

Sören is very SRS about this game.

First day of winter, and the farm gets pretty much buried in snow!

Birthday time for Rum!

Jenever: "I think I liked him better as a baby."

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