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Nepheris ([personal profile] nepheris) wrote on February 4th, 2012 at 07:50 pm
A Slightly Tipsy Legacy 1.6
Vodka and Whiskey are enjoying winter so far (and the snow days they've been getting off from school), despite the freezing temperatures. The little lake behind the farm has completely frozen over, but Jenever won't let them skate on it for fear that the ice isn't thick enough yet. So they've contented themselves with building angry devil snowmen all over the place.

A rather less pleasant occurance was Duvel and Leffe's sudden, unexpected death. They'd been getting on in years, but nobody expected they'd be gone so soon.

Winter has brought a role-reversal for Jenever and Sören's lives. Sören has found a job with a construction company, where he works as a concrete mixer. Nothing fancy, but it'll pay the bills now there's no money to be made from the farm.

Jenever has taken over the childrearing and other domestic duties. Rum is turning into a total mommy's boy.

Vodka has been showing his creative side lately. He wanted to buy an easle, and is now permanently glued to it. Should've been a bit more careful with that fast-drying velpon, kid.

Sparkly family dinner!

The domestic life isn't really Jenever's thing, and she gets really bored without the crops needing her care. She's getting a bit desperate to find entertainment.

Jenever: "Vrrrrrrrooooooooo dakka dakka dakka meeeeeeeeoooowwwww..."

When he manages to unstick himself from the painting easel, Vodka likes to jump rope outside the house.

Whiskey prefers to stay in from the cold. She's become a bit bookish out of necessity, but has been nagging her parents for a proper TV for ages. Jenever doesn't hold truck with electronic entertainment though, and Sören thinks books are essential for a young child's education, so she's sod out of luck on that one.

I completely missed Vodka's teenage birthday. Woops.

The Tipsies bought a new dog to keep poor Chimay company after her parents went to the doggy afterlife. The newest addition to the family is a sedate Berner Sennen, who goes by the name Achel (another tripel beer).

She seems to like him :)

Birthday time for Rum! I'm feeling doubly guilty now for having missed Vodka's teen transition. Ah well, he can have some of Rum's cake.

Tadah! Rum looks pretty much identical to his big brother.

Sorry for the shortness of the updates, but I'm having real trouble concentrating. Hopefully the pictures make up for it :)
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